Waiting for CT Scan Results

It's been 18 days since my 6 mth CT Scan - & I'm still awaiting results.

My Bowel cancer journey began in May 2018 then Lung Nodules in March 2019. I had Bowel resection & Lung ablation.

Since Oct. 2019....I have a CT Scan every 6 mths. So far - all have been clear.It's great that my journey has been followed so well, however, I hate the wait of results after each scan. Every time my phone rings, I jump!

It doesn't get any easier! However - life in between is good!


  • Hi . Yes the term ‘scanxiety’ sums it up well doesn’t it? Hopefully your results will be through any day and good to hear that you’re doing well

    Take care

    Karen x

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  • It seems to me as though the scan results are getting longer and longer now . For years it was two weeks then something altered and the delays started . I think our area it was a recruitment problem and even got sent abroad to get reported .

    It makes the whole thing more protracted .


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