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Looking for advice regarding the possible use of the drug panitumumab.  My 87 year old dad was diagnosed with a rectal tumour T3b back in April last year. He had already had the full round of radiotherapy for prostate cancer when he was 65  and was unable to have more.  Due to his age, health etc, him and his consultant decided the best option was no surgery and no chemotherapy,  leaving him to live his best life for what time he had. He is still doing well, apart from blood loss and constant diarrhea and starting to lose more weight. I read about the drug Panitumumab and wondered if anyone here has been offered or given it that has not had any other form if treatment.  I'm hoping to call the consultant and ask if this may be something he could have, but reading up on it I think he may already have had some other form of treatment.  As he has not had any treatment they no longer carry out scans/tests etc, so we have no idea if the cancer has spread,  but now being more than a year since official diagnosis I expect things have progressed and thought this drug may stall further spread to give him more time.  Many thanks. 

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    Your dad actually sounds as though he has done remarkably well despite not having treatment . I take it he is still under the care of an oncologist/surgeon so you could certainly ask for his care to be reviewed . Particularly if the diarrhoea is becoming more problematic .

    Whilst Panitumumab is used for certain cell types in a stage 4 setting I am not use under what conditions it is given .

    I will link in a booklet that goes through the various chemotherapy /targeted treatments the oncologist use . 

    You also might like to phone our helpline to see what they suggest as they have a lot of insight .

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  • Hi Court, thank you for the link, that's really helpful.  The surgeon and Oncologist have signed dad off as he is not having any treatment,  but are always happy to chat and see him if he is having complications and needed urgent treatment,  or has any questions.  I will see if I can make an appointment to see them. He does have bad days where the blood loss and diarrhoea is extreme and doesn't leave the house, but other days he can still go to his field and spend time with his sheep and chickens.  I've been buying tena pants so he feels more comfortable and confident about going out. He doesn't realise it's me that buys them, and not sure how he thinks they appear in his cupboard, but he is a very private and stubborn man and doesn’t want to talk about it and will not admit he needs them, so won't allow me to have him referred to the incontinence clinic. He was told he could have between 1-2 years and is now at 14 months since diagnosis and still seems to be doing well. 

    Take care.

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