Bowel cancer

In November I was told I had bowel cancer but then I had to have a ct scan which showed that it had spread to my liver and lungs. To be told that at 51 is devastating as I had had breast cancer 5 years previous. I am now on chemo and having a infusion every 3 weeks to see if it shrinks and now I have been told I can have another drug to stop it spreading elsewhere. 

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    Welcome to the forum although I am very said to read about your situation ,

    If you click on my user name you can read how my mum’s treatment worked out for both a spread to the liver and the lung although at separate times . Chemo actually did a powerful job for her and opened up other treatments / approaches. 12 1/2 years later she is still doing well . Despite a difficult diagnosis/prognosis there is a subgroup of patients who continue to respond well to treatments and it becomes more of a chronic condition with scans and interventions/treatments as required . Bowel cancer compared to some other primaries have a lot of different treatment options .

    Great you are getting another agent added in . That was not even approved when my mum was diagnosed. Initially until they see how you respond as an individual it is all very negative in terms of prognosis but once they get more information on how you are responding it sometimes changes so it’s not totally without hope . But it does mean uncertainty and that requires a lot of support and understanding. I hope we can offer both to you on this forum !

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  • Hi Charlie. My wife is in a similar position as yourself. Her cancer has spread from her bowel to her liver and we have just discovered that it has now spread to her lungs. She has her bowel and liver surgery next week to be followed by even more Chemo and then, depending on whether or not it has stopped spreading in her lungs, she will then have surgery to her lung. I know just how hard it has affected my wife and I can only imagine how you are feeling just now but, honestly, keep talking to people on here as many of them have "walked in your shoes" and can give you invaluable information and emotional support. Take care x