Life with a stoma

Hi all been reading a lot of posts about getting a stoma,I just wanted to say I have had an ileostomy since 2019 emergency surgery after bowel perforated, it was a shock waking up a month later and been told I now have a stoma yes there were teething problems but its really not that bad I forget I have it sometimes Grinning although thd last few days I've had sore skin but I just speak to my stoma nurse and get it sorted,a lot of people don't know I have a stoma you can't see it or smell it other people pooh through their bottom I pooh through a little hole in my tummy ! 

So please don't worry if you'd told you have to have a stoma it's really not that bad Wink

Feel free to ask me anything about it if I can help i will x

  • Thank you, HazG. I have been told I will have one after surgery and it does prey on my mind, so your post is reassuring.

    Have you found that there are foods you can't eat?


  • Hi yes you will learn what upsets your stoma but I stay away from anything with a skin and peas sweet corn.

    Good luck Thumbsup

  • I fully agree HazG.I have had an iliostomy stoma since 2019.once I got over the op with barbie butt,then chemo.I found the stoma very easy.I do avoid things like corn and tough fruit and veg skins.but otherwise life goes on pretty much as normal.I can only say that a stoma is nothing to be afraid of.


  • That was weird we wrote the same things at the same time.snap!!!

  • Smile yes mine was very naughty during chemo.but back to normality now 

  • Chemo really doesnt suit a stoma does least it goes back to normal afterwards.mine isnt keen on more than one glass of red wine but doesnt object to a gin and tonic."fussy"


  • Haha I can't drink alcohol mine object's to it so I tried fizzy drinks but I blew up like I was about to take off I'm now connoisseur of squash !! 

    How's your cancer treatment going have you finished it ? Xx

  • Had a panproctocolectomy in 2019 then oxaliplatin and capecitabine.lost all my hair so wasnt a happy bunny.

    Anyway now on regular cea checks and ct scans .because of covid all check ups have been on the phone or the drive through blood place.

  • I had a sigmoid colostomy tumor grew out of my mucus fistula so he removed the last part of my bowel in jan this year I had 6 rounds of chemo folifox I had very bad side effects so it was stopped at 6. 

  • I have had an ileostomy in May and after the initial shock of being told I needed a stoma and waking up from surgery with it, I managed well. I had a few teething problems... lots of pancaking so flat bags aren't for me, the covex bags are great and I now use the oakmed ones and haven't had any problems in months. I eat almost everything, but avoid too much fibre and potato skins and things like peas or sweetcorn. I found most fruits are ok in moderation (strawberries make the output thicker because of the seeds on them but a few is ok)... Like HazG if you need any advice I am happy to give some. And yes, it is just a different way of going to the toilet :-) I cleaned my kids dirty nappies and I tell you that was far worse sometimes :-) xx