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Hello, I was diagnosed with a cancerous polyp a month or so ago. Since then I have had a CT scan and today I have been to meet the surgeon and nursing team.  The surgeon drew me a diagram of where the cancer was found which was on the stem close to the bowel wall. The scan has not shown any more cancer but he gave me two options going forward. 1, have a operation to remove part of the bowel or2,closely monitor the bowel with scans and colonoscopy’s every couple of months to see if there is any spread.  He or the nursing team would not give their opinion so it’s up to me to decide. I am a healthy 60year old , self employed .

Thoughts on what others would do please.

Thank you.

    1. If part of your bowel has to be removed, would you have a stoma and would this be permanent or reversible? This would be information critical to making a discussion. 
  • Hi, thanks for the reply, hopefully no stoma but can’t guarantee it. 

  • Would a second opinion from another clinician help ?

    Sometimes hearing someone else’s opinion does give you more information to work with .

    I think it’s quite a difficult one to call .

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  • It’s a thought, how would I go about getting a second opinion. ?

  • Your GP can arrange it for you or your consultant you are under just now . Most are understanding that’s it’s tough and it does happen in the NHS . 
    Our helpline staff can give you further details on .

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    We have found other surgeons opinions quite helpful over the years . Sometimes they can bring in the latest research etc which can also be helpful to know what the stats are saying. Also good to know how often they see this and the types of outcomes . My other question would be the recurrence they see is it still contained and operable .

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  • Hi Kudos

    I found myself in the same situation. I had polyp removed that contained cancer close to edge. I was offered watch and wait or surgery. I opted for surgery  as I know my anxiety would have made me ill with constant worry. Although I still do. I just wanted to make sure the diseased part of my bowel was out and I had saw 2 surgeons who both agreed I was making right decision as was so close to edge and had couple of features that were behaving aggressively. I had my surgery in January this year and I was fortunate not to have stoma though also wasn’t a worry if I needed one. Obviously everyone is different but as I said I know my anxiety would have been so bad had I not had operation. Take care x

  • I too would be too anxious to watch and wait, I'd rather know it had been removed.  But it depends on how you feel about the op. At some point it will need to be removed anyway, I should think? I had no choice- my bowel was totally blocked so I had to have emergency surgery at very short notice ((just a few hours to contemplate it!) But having had the op, I felt better than I had in years!

  • Once again thank you for your information , after discussing the issues with the family it looks like I will go for the option 1, operation . 

  • Hi Binzy

    Thank you for the input, that’s exactly why I asked the question , to find someone in the same situation .  I too would be very anxious wondering what’s happening down there. 
     I have now decided to have the operation and get rid.


  • Thanks for the input, I am pleased you are feeling much better . I have now decided to go down the road of the operation and have a date of 8th of August.