Anyone on Folfiri?

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I have stage 4 appendiceal cancer  which is so rare it is treated like colon cancer and am on round 2 of my second line of chemo, Folfiri.

So far the week of chemo I am like the Duracell Bunny, then have a bit of an energy crash that weekend and then both times on the Tuesday ,(so day 8) I have suddenly developed an excruciating pain in the side of my abdomen when I move. It's a bit like a cross between an incredibly painful stitch and something being pulled apart inside me.

Weirder still last time it was on my right hand side and this time it's the left.

Last time it resolved itself by the Friday so I have my fingers crossed but my oncologist nor anyone else seems to know what it is and Googling hasn't belt so just want if anyone here had experienced anything similar?