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Hi everyone 

My dad was diagnosed with a tumour in upper right colon about 4 weeks ago and MRI then confirmed spread to the liver. We are going today to find out the details and get our plan. I’m so nervous. My mum is a nervous wreck at the minute. I just want to comfort them both and take it away. I’ll update later. x 

  • Hi  Hope the meeting goes well. Having a treatment plan in place gives you something to focus on and aim towards which will hopefully help? Take a pen and paper and jot some questions down. There can be a lot to take in - I was introduced to my colorectal nurse and met with her straight after and she went through things again making sure I understood x

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  • Hey jen really sorry to hear about your Dad. 
    My dad has colon and liver mets. 
    Hes currently waiting for his half way chemo scsns. 
    Hope his meeting goes the best it can do , things do get easier when you have a plan of action. 
    Sending love and keep us updated. 

  • Hi Karen 

    Thank you so much for your message. I’ll definitely take a notepad. Good tip!! Yes I think the uncertainty is the worse bit. I hope you are keeping well. xx 

  • Dad will be getting a chemo combination treatment delivered via a picc line (line that stays in constantly and goes up his arm into the large veins). It’s called FOLFOX. He had a blood test today to screen for a particular genetic component so they can make sure they give him the right dose as this gene can interact with it. It will take 10 days to come back.

    Plan is to go to hospital to get pretreatment bloods on 17th and start chemo on 19th July. Chemo will be 2 hour infusion and an injection at the clinic and then a 46-48 pump infusion which he will be able to have at home.
    This will happen over 6 cycles for 12weeks and will take us to mid October (if there are no delays). He will then get rescanned / bloods etc and surgery approx 3 weeks after final chemo.

  • Well done  . It’s always a difficult day in oncology getting the plan but also a relief to know the way forward.  

    It’s a good plan and you do get into a routine as a family and learn how to work round the various components. They obviously do the hard work having the treatment but we do the best we can to support them . 
    Take care ,


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  • Hey. How do you feel now you have a treatment plan? It made me feel a lot better once we had got a treatment plan for my dad. 
    It sounds like your Dad is on the same Chemotherapy as my dad, but instead of the pump througg the picc line he has the tablet form, but it is the same drug. 
    He has now had 4 cycles and now waiting for progress scans. 
    Praying all goes well for your Dad on chemotherapy and hope it works really well . 

  • Hi Wave 

    I woke up the following day feeling like I’ve been hit by a bus.. I guess we didn’t expect it to be a 48 hour pump but the team were so lovely and we all really felt like we were in good hands. It’s just hard to process that it’s even happening x..