2nd colonoscopy done - 1 x polyp removed.

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Hi all, I just had a 2nd colonoscopy (first was not successful and couldn’t get to my upper bowel). The Doctor took 4 x biopsies from my bowel and removed 1 x adenomatous polyp. She said these are sent off for testing and I will have a follow up appointment. Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience and what does this mean? i know I have to wait, but waiting is hard, so just wondering if anyone had a similar experience, many thanks, Vikki 

  • Hi  Good to hear that the 2nd colonoscopy was more successful. I was told there and then that they were pretty sure that I had bowel cancer and lots of people have benign polyps removed just to be on the safe side so it’s looking promising that it’s nothing untoward?

    Hope the results come back quickly for you

    Take care

    Karen x

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