Hubby’s MDT meeting was today

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Today, the MDT met and discussed my hubby’s case. Soon afterwards, he received a phone call update from one of the colorectal nurses who had been in attendance.

She said MRI showed 2cm tumour in rectum, well above sphincter area. T1/2. CT showed one tiny nodule in liver. This threw us a bit to be honest. However, we have been told that the radiologist who examined the scan doesn’t think it is of concern, but protocol dictates that a further MRI (of the liver) should be done to rule anything out. This has been arranged for Monday. Hubby apparently has a slight ‘fatty liver’, which if I heard the nurse correctly, is making things a bit more difficult to see.. We were told that what the CT scan showed may be tiny blood vessels called hemangiomas. Hubby is also to see the surgeon on Monday following todays MDT, so I’m going along to support him and try to take some notes. He was told that subject to what the liver MRI results show, they are looking at doing surgery on July 1st and would be carrying out a High Anterior Resection. A temporary ileostomy was mentioned too. Once the tumour and bowel section are removed, they will be sent to pathology for final staging, to look at lymph nodes and margins, then see what further treatment is required.  The nurse also said that if MRI shows anything on that area of liver that needs removed, they’ll take it out at the same time the HAR is done.

To be honest, both of our heads are a bit all over the place with the information we’ve been given today it’s quite a lot to take in…but we’re very grateful that his case has now been discussed. After a month of everything going at what’s felt like a snail’s pace Snail we are now getting off the starting blocks. Still a long way to go on our journey, but at least we’re on the move and hubby feels happy that they’re planning to carry out his surgery so quickly. Fingers crossed that date will not change Fingers crossed 

Roses Rose 

  • My husband had a high anterior resection on 29 April. Prior to that he had folfoxiri chemo from early Dec 23 to late Feb 24 which shrunk both areas of concern significantly.  He has primary bowel cancer with multiple bilateral liver mets.   Ended up being a 6 hour op and following some infections in staples was told bowel/colon was clear alongside 35 lymph nodes which is great news.  He coped well with chemo, op and recovery in general. Some good days and some  not so.  No stoma or ileostomy needed and BMs since generally ok.

    Another liver MRI done post surgery.   Appt on Tues with liver specialists for next steps... surgery or not etc. Unfortunately peripheral neuropathy in feet has worsened since op for some reason ( probably just coincidental) but he is trying to cope and walks and cycles as much as he can to keep strong and keep circulation going.  Any advice on that would be great.

    Stay strong ... worst bits have always been the waiting... once there is a plan the anxiety and fear settles a bit ( till the next scan etc).  

    Take one bit at a time or it can be really overwhelming.  This site has been a godsend when you don't know what to do or ask next.

    Good luck and sending lots of best wishes 

  • PS his tumour was 10cm ( for info)

  • Hi G, thanks so much for your good wishes and for sharing how things have been for your own hubby after his surgery. I’m glad he’s coping as well as he can, it sounds like he’s doing a lot to help himself in terms of keeping his fitness going by walking and cycling and that’s amazing! Keeping active after surgery is important and I know that my hubby will need to do the same.

    For my hubby, at least things are now moving forward for him after a very long month of waiting. It’s felt like that he’s been waiting forever for today’s MDT to take place.. He’s just so glad that a date for surgery has been decided and he can go into hospital, have it done and begin his own recovery.

    This site has been a godsend for me too since I joined a month ago after hubby was first diagnosed. Just being able to come on and ask things, get a bit of advice from people who really understand because they’ve been there themselves has been a huge support.

    Take care, wishing your hubby all the very best with his ongoing recovery.

    Roses x 

  • Hey Roses. 

    Glad to hear your husband has heard from the MDT so quickly. A 2cm primary and T2 staging is quite small , this is probably why they are going straight forward for surgery and radiotherapy is not needed. It all sounds pretty positive. 
    With it being one tiny nodule on the liver and his primary being small, it does sound like it probably is an haemogynoma . 
    I hope things start to get easier now for you both. 

  • Hi CxO,

    Thanks so much. We will know more once we’ve spoken with the surgeon on Monday. Hopefully things will be ok with the liver MRI, we’ll just need to wait and see. At least things are moving now. 

    Take care, 

    Roses x

  • A wee update…hubby had his surgery carried out yesterday.

    It was a very long and emotionally tiring day when I received a phone call from his anaesthetist to say the operation had gone well and he was heading into recovery…my head had been all over the place while hubby was in surgery. Thankfully, he says he remembers nothing at all after getting his anaesthetic! 

    Tumour, bowel sections and lymph nodes were removed and sent to pathology for final staging which can take up to 8 weeks. Bowel resection was carried out (I think it’s called anastomosis) and both ends of bowel were rejoined without a stoma. The surgeon visited him today and said that he hopes it will heal up well. However, should there be any issues, hubby may still need an ileostomy which would be reversible… but while it’s still early days with everything, so far, so good. We are taking things just one day at a time; I’ve been in to visit him today, he’s eating a soft diet, sitting up in a chair in the ward and moving gently (as well as you can with a wound drain and catheter being in place). I’m so glad the surgery’s done and that hubby’s in the best place right now with all the doctors and nurses looking after him. 

  • Hey Roses. 
    I have been thinking about your husband today. 
    Im so glad everything went as well as it could have gone. 
    At least the cancer is now out of him and in the bin so to speak. 
    I hope he continues to do well and heal well. 
    Bet its a massive weight off your shoulders. 
    Sending love x

  • That’s lovely news  and it all sounds to have gone well. He’ll find moving a lot easier once all the tubes come out over the next day or 2 then can look forward to coming home x

    Macmillan Support Line - 0808 808 00 00, 7 days a week between 8am-8pm
  • Thank you so much CxO Hugging Yes, it’s a massive weight off both our shoulders and we can now focus on his recovery.

    I’ll keep you posted on his progress. Take care.

    Love Roses x

  • Thanks so much Karen Hugging I’ll keep you posted on his progress. Take care.

    Love Roses x