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So my MRCP.on liver showed there is a blockage deep in liver pressing on one of the bile duct stems as they called it. 

It's going to an MDT meeting on Tuesday to see if at all possible to put a stent in if not think it's just time.

I've been referred to my local hospice on Monday going for chat about palliative care and support. 

It's been a long old journey xx

  • So sorry. I hope they can put it a stent in for you x

  • It certainly has  . Hoping they do have a stent option for you . You have been through a lot lately and it does get tiring .

    Mum has been six months out of treatment now . Still holding her own . She has not needed any further input outwith the odd GP appointment so far . She is looking back to her old self prior to this last lot of treatment.

    Be interested to hear how you find the support of the hospice . 

    Take special care ,


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  • Best wishes. We're all feeling this along side you. I may be facing the same decision after an MDT meeting on Monday myself just so you know you're not alone. This thing is absolutely horrendous. Feel free to shout and swear. Maybe not at loved ones. Probably a big hug for them 

  • I'll let you know x