Bowel cancer spread

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Hi new here. Looking for any advice or anyone who’s been in a similar diagnose - bowel cancer spread to liver and few spots of lung and in blood 

chemo to start next week 

  • Mine has spread to my liver too. I started chemo two weeks ago. 

  • Hi  

    No direct experience but I have been with my mum for the last fifteen years as she has navigated a spread to her liver first then her lung .

    Chemo got her to surgery twice for her liver . Then she managed to get a lung resection . A further spread to her lung resulted in a further ten months of treatment last year . She has had over 60 scans but lots of times off treatments too and many , many good times .

    She did listen to her body on chemo . She rested , slept and stayed connected with her life . Did small manageable projects to keep her life balanced . 

    It was a relief to get started on chemo as she did then feel something was being done to tackle it .

    Take care ,


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  • How are you managing with it  

    ?Hope it’s going ok !

    take care ,


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  • I’m doing ok thanks. I take my last tablets this morning & then a week off. Back for the Oxiplatin infusion next Thursday.

    I have found chemo to be a bit like a really rubbish game of Bingo where you cross off the side effects as they raise their ugly little heads! Nothing too terrible - the tiredness has been the worst thing, along with the neuropathy. 
    Your point regarding keeping things balanced and small achievable projects is something I have been thinking about. I had a conversation with a family member who is a Professor oncologist (useful contact!) about this the other evening. She was saying how quality of life is so important. Chemo is tough & you have to make the most of the good days.


  • I was very lucky from a getting going on chemo point of view - I had an emergency lifesaving Hartman’s procedure to remove a section of perforated colon on April 21st. I had sepsis on admission. They told me on the day of discharge (6th May) that there was a tumour in tthe piece of bowel that was removed and in one lymph node. I then had MRI scans (17mm lesion found) & a colonoscopy (clear) in the following month. I started chemo on 6th June exactly a month to the day from being told I had cancer.  I start my second cycle a week today. I am grateful that this has all happened so quickly, and for the excellent treatment and care that I have been receiving. 

    How is your Mother now? Sounds like she had really been through it. 


  • She is doing well . Thank you for asking . The wonderful care that oncology has given her has help her into her 80s now . However she gets out every day , has a wee sleep whenever she feels like it even if it’s in public places and retains a keen interest in herself and the world around her .

    I think it’s amazing that you are getting to this point so quickly in your diagnosis. We  have always had quite a big emphasis on quality . We thought in the early days today matters as much as tomorrow so it was best to try and make today count . Mum takes a keen interest in other people so that  outward look has helped but we also used small projects . Initially it was making cushions or Christmas cards . Anything that allowed some respite from thinking about cancer and a sense of accomplishment.

    We also had an “ up and out policy “ so she did go kayaking in the open sea six weeks after her liver resection . But she was a passenger she did not have to paddle .

    She also had quite a few bad days when rest was the priority. But she got there .

    So handy to have a Professor on call ! I will be honest it took me a full year to come to terms with it all then I switch into a different mind set .

    You have done incredibly well so far . Keep up the good work .

    Keep in touch , it’s really encouraging to see how you are handling this .

    Take care ,


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  • Your Mum sounds amazing! And an inspiration. I love hers and your attitude. “Today matters as much as tomorrow!” Love it! 
    “Up & out” - again - going to keep that in mind.

    I think initially I just mentally wrote off the summer, but I now realise I can’t do that. In the past few days I have started to appreciate precisely what you have just said. 

    I had a really good day yesterday - I did a fitness session to get my abs stronger after the surgery & had my hair done. All good stuff. I also went all day without having a sleep, which felt good - because I didn’t feel like I needed one. 

    Yes, having a Professor oncologist in the family is very useful. I have run stuff past her, sent her reports from my oncologist & the hospital were kind enough to give me my full initial histology report for her to see. It is heartening to know that her opinion is that they are being very thorough and that I am in good hands. 

    take care 


  • Hi Alisha, I had bowel cancer removed in Feb , with 2 liver mets. Had 3 months of capox chemo which was grim  now waiting for liver resection.  However, chemo has shrunk mets - one by 50%, the other has disappeared,  which I hope is good news! So only one resection planned.

    It feels like a long process but bear with it. The time soon disappears. Good luck with your treatment. 

  • Hi Aquamarine - that does sound positive! Fo you know how big your mets were to start with?
    I’m interested in your timings - when did you finish your chemo & what have they told you regarding the likely timing of your resection? Do they wait a certain length of time between the chemo & the resection do you know? 
    Sorry for the questions - trying to get my head round the potential timings if I have a liver re-section (very likely).

    Thank you! 

  • Hi loopy loops,

    The chemo started 7 weeks after my bowel op, to allow time for my body to recover from the op. After chemo ends there will be a min of 6 weeks before liver resection again to allow time for your body to get over the chemo. It then depends on where you have your liver surgery as this will be in a regional hub. I live in Gloucestershire and will have my op in Birmingham,  which is a very busy department,  so I've been told to expect a 6-8 week wait after my consultation with the Birmingham consultant,  so could be 10 weeks+ after finishing chemo. My mets were 14mm and 7 mm to begin with. Bhsm has requested another scan pre-op to check on progress as my last scan was midway through the chemo.