Hello all little update for those that know me.

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Well the last few months have been a nightmare, I want for my che.o in April and my picc line has stopped working so had to wait for  another one.

So started back on chemo and my ALT had risen along with my CEA quite a lot, so after team spoke with my oncologist he said no chemo bloods all over place so I was booked in for an emergency mri  not my favourite thing but hey ho means to an end.

Finally got scan last week my bilirubin has started to rise aswell, and my skin has been itching uncontrollable its awful I've tried every cream etc honestly it's so bad.

My oncologist had a meeting with my surgeon and radiologist team to try and find an answer, they first thought blocked bile duct, yes I'm jaundice and glow in the dark.

Then a blood clot was suggested or a tumor pressing on my bike duct who knows I need the results ASAP.

I've not been on chemo for months anothervworry is it running wild though my body.

Shall I ring my team this week for results it's been 6 days and ask for help with this itching.

All this is really getting me down. 

  • So sorry to hear this . It sounds uncomfortable for sure .

    I would definitely phone for the results and ask the liver team if they have any suggestions. 
    You have been through so much it would be good for you to know the next step in the process .

    Hope you get a good solution .

    Take care ,


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