Colorectal cancer with liver mets

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Was diagnosed 2 months ago and have just started immunotherapy.  Had my first treatment this week and just wondering if anyone on here is going through immunotherapy treatment for colon/liver cancer?

  • Hi  

    It’s great to see you using immunotherapy. It’s quite new around here but if you check out   profile you can read her story . She is our veteran of this treatment.

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    • Hello, my dad was diagnosed with colon cancer 3 weeks ago and the ct has picked up possible spread to the liver so waiting on mri this week. I hope you are keeping well and will be thinking of you. 
  • Sorry to hear that  

    My mum had a significant spread back in 2009 and thanks to good treatment is still here . She managed to get liver surgery in the end .

    Her liver has continued to function well .

    Its quite a blow to begin with but gets easier when you know the treatment plan .

    Some people are suitable for immunotherapy which only got funding in the U.K. over covid . It’s opened a new door .

    My mum used standard chemo and this too worked well . They review and rescan where appropriate and add in other treatments.

    All the best to your dad . Sometimes people have benign tumours . The mri should tell him more .

    Take care ,


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