Folfiri and Panitumumab

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Dear Friends

I was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer in November 2018. Since then, I’ve had chemo to shrink the tumours followed by bowel and liver surgery. The treatment has been successful in keeping some control over the cancer. But then it returned in the summer of 2022, in a very awkward place.

Last year I was treated with neoadjuvant Folfiri, an unsuccessful liver op, and SBRT. It’s now deemed inoperable whether using surgery or ablative methods. The tumour in my liver has shrunk slightly but nevertheless shows signs of life. So before it becomes too active, we need to look at long term chemo - at least for the next twelve months. The plan is for a scan after 3 months to make sure it’s doing some good. And then the rest of the 12 month plan  after an 8 week respite, it will be back to chemo.

Am aware from other posts that this can be a brutal combination. I’d value any advice to minimise the most likely side effects - what you’ve found effective, and what made no difference. 

If you’re able to relive your experiences to help me prepare, that would be much appreciated. 


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  • Hi  

    Good to hear from you .

    I have seen a few people use Flofiri on the boards for years . I think particularly over on bowel cancer U.K. forum . I think but not so familiar with the biological agent but I assume it is similar to Cetuximab. 
    Have you used that before ? 
    Certainly worked a number for my mum using it as a single agent .

    As ever wishing you the very best .


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