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Can my son have radiotherapy if he is on insulin 

  • Hi Rosie13

    I have found some general information that may help- but I would suggest giving the Support Line a call and talk it through with one of the nurses. The number is below. 

    Alternatively you could post in the Ask a Nurse section. They would normally reply within 3 days.

    Ask a Nurse | Get answers about cancer | Macmillan Online Community

    Here is a link with some further information.

    Diabetes - cancer treatment and your blood sugar levels | Macmillan Cancer Support

    Hope this helps, but if there is anything else you need, then please do ask.



    Macmillan Support Line - 0808 808 00 00, 7 days a week between 8am-8pm

  • Hello Rosie13,

    I am Type 1 diabetic on insulin for 60 years. Radiotherapy was no problem at all. If he has a glucose monitor attached then it is good to mention this and also should he ever need a CT/MRI scan. Sometimes the radiographers aren't sure what to do and it is easy to say "take the monitor off". However, when I explain that it costs £50 to replace and cannot be re-used they change their mind!


  • Thanks for your reply. He doesn't go to insulin till next week. Do the monitors work 

  • They are a game changer in terms of blood glucose control, provided you act upon the data shown on the reader, but I believe that only Type 1 diabetics can receive them via the NHS and not all areas will authorise them on cost grounds. The alternative is finger pricking throughout the day, which is a chore and draws attention to oneself in a public place. A Freestyle monitor has to be changed every 14 days, to the minute.


  • Can I buy him a monitor 

  • You can, over the counter at a pharmacy and some people with Type 2 diabetes do. If your son is to be prescribed insulin then he might request a monitor also via the NHS as it is so helpful with glucose control and can save the NHS budget in the long term. Don't forget that government threw hundreds of millions of our money at get rich quick companies supplying deficient PPE during the COVID crisis, without a blink.