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Hi everyone,

Been a little while since I have been on.

Looking for some advice on folfox, my mum tried capox a few weeks ago, she ended up with a bad bout of oral thrush and then sickness. She was advised to stop.

She will be fitted with a picc line this week and next week will start her treatment plan.

Any tips for folfox?

thanks x

  • Make sure to use the anti-nausea meds. It was recommended that I start these prior to feeling sick and don't stop until you are sure it's passed. 

    The oxiliplatin (sp?) which is part of the folfox causes peripheral neuropathy and heat/cold sensitivity of the hands, feet, and mouth. That means room temperature food and drinks until this effect passes. Keep gloves handy, use tongs or a similar device to pull items out of the refrigerator or freezer, wear extra socks.

    Personally I found the cold sensitivity to be the worst. I also had problems with carbonated drinks even at room temperature. I think the carbonation itself was causing a reaction. My experience may not be typical but hopefully this will help.