Anyone else had a failed bowel preparation? What happens now?

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I’m slightly worried as I received the report from my GP today stating the bowel prep was poor for the virtual colonoscopy but I literally took the prep to the rules. I followed all the rules including clear liquid diet, the timing of the prep etc. 

I have an appointment with my colorectal consultant tomorrow and I’m worried she’s going to be annoyed thinking I didn’t take it correctly. 

I had a normal colonoscopy in December 2022 with FIT level 27, but since became increasingly unwell, increased FIT of 200 in March 2024 and significant weight loss. This is why my consultant ordered a virtual colonoscopy.

what is she likely to suggest now? The report said they can’t exclude the possibility of a significant polyp. Will she suggest another colonoscopy? 

  • Hi  

    The bowel prep comment is most likely to be how clear the bowel emptied and thus how well they could diagnose, not a judgement on how well you followed instructions.

    As an example, some people have pockets or sags where faecal matter can get caught. Others may have polyps that dam up a little. Amd so on.

    The consultant may suggest a different prep routine or undergo their tests differently. 

    One advantage of a traditional colonoscopy is that in some cases certain polyps can be removed during the procedure.

    You may be encouraged to have a scan or colonoscopy, but they should discuss with you the options. 

  •  Thank you so much for replying. I honestly don’t understand as I followed the prep instructions. When I followed them for the colonoscopy in Dec 2022, it was also described as good/excellent! I guess I am just worried she won’t investigate further and I won’t know what’s causing me to be so unwell and the raised FIT test.