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My dad is stage 4, liver mets. 
He is on Capox. All his genetic tests were done and doesnt have mutations. 
Ive been doing research, to learn about things, help him get the best of care. 
Ive read alot of people are on targeted therapy such at Cetuximab etc. I understand you can have targeted therapies if theres no mutations. 
My question is… when are these offered? Nothing was ever mentioned to us, only Chemo. 
I may have got things wrong, about my understanding of them, so if anyone has got any knowledge about this could they help me please? 
I was speaking to a girl today who was offered it from the start. Is it something worth mentioning? 
Thankyou x

  • Hi  

    My understanding is that Cetuximab has a restricted criteria .

    I would definitely speak to your dads team . If you notice cancer research U.K. are stating it’s a first line treatment . My mum stayed on First-Line in 2009 and 2010 as she used the same chemo . However she only accessed Cetuximab through the temporary covid use as that would be her on second line treatment 12 years later but still classed as her current treatment line . . I think there is poss another criteria for using it if I remember correctly. However I have spent the last half hour trying to find it out and it’s not easy to find it .

    Nice does have some info on its use for those lining up for surgery and the associated research of you like to read it . It’s available on the NICE page . 

    Our helpline nurses could possibly help find this out for you . 
    0808 808 0000

    If it’s a restricted use  you want to make sure he gets the opportunity if he so wishes .

    My mum only used chemo back when she was lining up for surgery. It was not available in our area back then .

    Another point , it’s given every two weeks . The Scottish consortium has a criteria . 

    It is worth asking .

    Take care ,


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  • Thankyou for your reply Court and for taking time to look into it for me. 

    Its odd how some people are offered it from the start but some people get it added in later. 

    It is all very confusing. I will speak with one of the Macmillan nurses see if they know. 

    Thanks once again x