Lonsurf Chemotherapy treatment

The chemotherapy treatments my husband has been having for his bowel cancer have stopped working and as a last stop choice he has been offered Lonsurf. The Oncologist wasn't convinced that it would help and I wondered if anyone has any experience of it. Another alternative was to go for a clinical trial at Christies Hospital. It seems to be a toss up between quality of life for the remaining time or spending that time with unknown side effects. Any experiences would be welcome.

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    I am So sorry to read this . If you use our search function you can see it comes up from time to time .

    I think all chemotherapy has to meet a baseline efficiency to be funded through Nice but a lot of people report their oncologist saying the same . There was a lady whose husband was very stable and tolerant on it and the last I heard he was doing well a few years down the line . If I remember correctly it was aimed more to achieve stability than shrinkage and one oncologist said for those who did get a response it seemed to do very well but not sure how often that happens . 

    How does he feel himself ? Would he like to try it ?

    You have been through a lot too and I know how draining this is on everyone so always here if you need a chat .

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