Hello I am new to this group and have only just been diagnosed with Colon Cancer

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to introduce myself.  I am Irene and have just this week been diagnosed with Colon Cancer. 

I am not yet aware of what treatment is in store for me, but just wanted to say hello to you all.  We are on a journey, a new chapter, and I wish you all well.

Macmillan Cancer Support have been wonderful to me in this first terrifying week - so I felt I was not alone.

Best wishes and warmest virtual hugs,


  • Hi  and a warm welcome to the board from me. The first few weeks can be very stressful with scans, tests, results and meetings but once you have a plan in place then things will honestly feel a bit better.

    Bowel cancer is notoriously slow growing but very treatable and we’re all at different stages of treatment/recovery. Stay away from google - it is out of date, misleading and downright scary in places. It is a journey and can be tough at times but we’ll be happy to help and support you through this

    Take care

    Karen x

    Macmillan Support Line - 0808 808 00 00, 7 days a week between 8am-8pm
  • Thank you Karen, for your wise words.  Indeed I have stopped Googling. 

    When I first noticed there was something wrong with my insides I spent most of my time on Google reading everything, and on Facebook groups for IBS, and also sorts of other bowel issues.  It drove me to the state where I could no longer sleep.  And hence my visit to the GP with my concerns. 

    But now, I have stopped looking on the internet for anything medical and reached out to MacMillan who told me about this Community.  I will stick to this forum and hope I can be of help and support to people also on this journey.  

    Just knowing we are not alone is a tremendous help.

    Thank you for your kindness and inspiring me to be brave and calm.

    With all good wishes and thoughts


    With all my very best wishes for the journey we are bravely undertaking. Supporting each other is the way forward and means everything to me.


  • Hi IreneW

    I just wanted to say hello and wish you well. The early stage is the worst. Once the tests are done and you can have your treatment plan it really feels more like you are able to focus on getting rid of it. 
    Try and pass the time doing things you enjoy sending you a virtual hug back 

    Best Wishes

    Artsie Ann 

  • Welcome IreneW and a big hug back to you.If you look on my profile you'll see what I went through .A year later and I'm still finding things out .

    Its a long hard journey that you are on but your not on your own .I had the same problem as you and you'll get through it  .Be positive and never lose your sense of humour use it.

                      Kissing heartAlaine

  • Thank you so much Artsie Ann.  You are right, once I have the treatment plan in place I will have something to focus on.  After my discussion with the Colon Specialist Nurse I have resumed my Exercise Bike routine.  Before diagnosis I was really benefitting from 30 minutes a day on the bike, plus a 30 walk rain hail or shine.  I stopped this after the Colonoscopy thinking I didn't really want to stir up 'the lesion' or whatever they call it - I call it my Trojan Horse as it has invaded by body by stealth.  So, apparently it is OK to get on the bike again.  Albeit I started with 10minutes yesterday with no ill effect.  Also my diet is important so I can be in the best of shape for the treatment.  And of course once I can stop worrying and get on the treatment plan routine I hope get back to me art ;-)  How about you Ann?

    With all good wishes


    With all my very best wishes for the journey we are bravely undertaking. Supporting each other is the way forward and means everything to me.


  • Thank you Alaine for your kindness.  I must admit for the last couple of weeks my sense of humour and positivity became basically non existent as the stress just over took me.  But since contacting MacMillan, which was the first thing I thought of, I have had support from the Community Moderators, guiding me in the directions to seek help and advice.  It is an amazing organisation.  I found that watching that series Seinfeld right from the start again really helped me as I found myself laughing through the stress.  There is one Episode 8 in Series 2, where George is taken to the hospital and honestly I could just see myself with some humour.

    Best wishes for your journey, together is definitely better than alone ;-)


    With all my very best wishes for the journey we are bravely undertaking. Supporting each other is the way forward and means everything to me.


  • Hi Irene 

    Its really great that you can do some exercise a really positive move towards strengthening yourself for your treatment

    I had absolutely no energy eating was challenging so I was wiped out most of the time. Then my hubby bought complan and I had two a day plus very small high protein meals. This made so much difference and I worked on gentle core and squats. I really wasn’t able to do much at all  
    TV is a also a great time filler I banned anything sad. It had to be light hearted comedy is perfect

    I haven’t touched my art tools since February last year. Had a couple of commissions before my diagnosis. Did those. But they were just sketches. I haven’t got the concentration or interest. I am trying to convince myself to get my pens out. I don’t know. 
    I did learn to crochet last year and made lots of hats for the homeless.and I’m making leg warmers at the mo that’s knitting the cuffs and crocheting the main body. 

     I designed my Avatar if that counts as Art 

    Treat yourself to things you enjoy

    I hope you get your treatment plan soon

    take cars 

    Best Wishes

    Artsie Ann 

  • Hi Ann, just such a similar emotion with me.  Just before my diagnosis I finished two commissions I was working on and actually sent them off the day before my CT scan. What a relief.  I was going to enter 4 paintings into a local exhibition this April but the cut off day is March 2nd.  All 4 are only half finished.  And I just haven't got the motivation to do anything but look at them.  Perhaps when the treatment plan starts ;-)  I have ArtStudio on my iPad and go through my photos and see if I have do a design from them.  I tried this waiting for the Colonoscopy but just ended up sitting there staring into space.  I think of Matisse and how he drew with a stick from his bed.  And Frieda Khalo.  I am sure our art will pull us throughWriting hand tone1  What do you like creating?  I am very partial to abstracting local landscapes, and if left to my own devices will abstract flowers.  Those commissions I mentioned were abstracts of waterlilies.  Let me know what you like creating ;-)  Perhaps we can inspire each other to get back to the drawing board ;-)



    With all my very best wishes for the journey we are bravely undertaking. Supporting each other is the way forward and means everything to me.


  • Good idea. I was portraits and I enjoyed being part of two art clubs used to arrange tutors for one and just enjoyed painting in the other. I’ve given them up. To be honest the clubs gave me focus to work. I need to go back. But wearing a mask and glasses not really floating my inspirational boat 

    Best Wishes

    Artsie Ann 

  • Hi Irene &

    Very sorry to hear of your diagnosis - but welcome to the forum, where you will get all sorts of invaluable advice from all the lovely people here.

    At this time, I doubt that you will be able to concentrate on your art practice - however, once your treatment plan is in place - I expect you will feel more hopeful - & return to interests you enjoy.

    My left Hemicolectomy Op. was in May '19. I have just had my routine 6mthly CT scan - which shows that for now, I am clear of cancer.

    Throughout my cancer journey - I just had to paint (even two days after my Op.) I would feel entirely lost without it. It takes me off into another realm! Just before diagnosis, I had a Website designed - marianyoungart.com  & have been doing very well selling my work.

    I have been teaching art (in prisons & adult ed.) for the past 20 years. (up until retirement.) Last January I started Online art classes. I send an assignment once a week - & give feedback on the work sent me. We also have Zoom meetings every 2 weeks. As well as my own painting, this gives me a huge focal point in my life.

    Perhaps you may be interested (once your thoughts are more focussed outwardly.)

    In the meantime, I wish you all the best with your upcoming treatment plan.

    Marianne 26