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Good afternoon I just want to share our good news in the hope it may help others.  I have been a member of the site for almost 3 years but I don’t post much.  It is my husband who is the one with cancer and he is aware I am sharing again to give hope.

I have just updated my profile it is long I warn you, a long read but I felt important that you can see the journey has not been straight forward or easy. I post it to show that there can be and have been very dark times but we kept on going, with hope with love and with support from family and lovely people on here and an excellent team and a strong faith.

This time last year my husband was told his cancer was back and this time on his peritoneum with several spots near the liver the plan was 4 cycles of chemotherapy and referral for surgery. At Christie’s. When chemo finished so plan for that was spring time.  That didn’t happen due to complications ( in profile)

He was turned down for surgery in May of this year, failed fitness test but but on a prehab4cancer 7 weeks programme. He had repeated tests, passed fitness test this time back to MDT needed more scans, more meetings and finally a yes to surgery.

he was told all the risks of this major surgery and my husband decided to take it, he was expected to be in hospital a minimum of 14 days if all went well.

his surgery took place in October, the surgery took 10 hours, the surgeon rang me to say it had gone well, it was difficult due to lots of adhesions from previous surgeries but he believed he had achieved all,he set out to achieve and had complete  cytoreduction. There were three surgeons present. A liver surgeon and two senior colorectal surgeons.

my husband was in ICU from Friday until Monday. He had cytoreductive surgery, abdominal wall reconstruction as he had complex hernias and an illeostomy reversal.

my husband recovered well, his bowel woke up on the Wednesday. He had some issues but nothing major.  Each day was improvement and little by little tubes and drains were removed and pain relief reduced until  on Day 9 he was told he could go home…yes day 9 how amazing was complications all good.  He came home and has spent six weeks recovering.his wounds have healed well, although very tired and needed more sleep, considering major surgery we are delighted. He has regained his appetite and on no pain relief at all by the end of his fourth week and he had only been taking paracetamol.  He has been getting used to not having a stoma which as you would expect has its own ups and downs.

I will add his stamina is not fully back we are aware that could take six months, he starts a rehab programme following on from the prehab4cancer next week.

On Monday we went to see the surgeon for post op check who was delighted to tell us that there was no live cancer in anything that was removed. He was delighted with his examination of his tummy and then declared my husband to be cancer free.. amazing eh.  He will organise a scan after six months and see him in May.

On Wednesday we saw the oncologist who also declared wonderful news, shared the same pathology reports and delight but oncology want him to have scan in 3 months to get a baseline following surgery. But no more treatment necessary.

I hope this gives hope, I know I have looked for it when we needed it. Good luck everyone on your journey any questions I am happy to answer if I can.

best wishes

Process xx

  • Dear . You’ve just made my day - what amazing news. Sending you and hubby a massive hug x

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  • Thank you so much @Kareno62 I was just typing a PM to you but you beat me to it xx

  • This is simply amazing!  Did he find it tough dealing with the reversal alongside post op care?  Sounds a lot to deal with but great that he's doing so well. I read the story on your profile and my goodness, how much have you both had to deal with?  I am just so glad that its turned out well - and what wonderful news to read on this cold and miserable day :)   How is your husbands fitness progressing?  

  • Well done. You are both great. Have a lovely lovely Christmas xxx

  •  @saraserena Thanks yes I would saying having the reversal has added to things, the surgeon was unsure about reversal and my husband was happy to keep the bag, so left it for surgeon to decide however due to adhesions it was necessary to do the reversal.  I will add he has good and bad days with reversal i we do know it can take several weeks if not months for a reversal to settle. If anything I think it is the reversal that is causing the most issue in that there is still some settling for the bowel to do but it’s still early days. He  started just small walks to end of the drive, then we started to go out further, but not far, increasing steps as and when he felt ok to do so. Of course very limited to what he can do excercise wise until after 8 weeks post op. He is only 7 weeks which is why his trainer only sending out new pack of what to start doing next week. But I know he will do it, in his own time listening to his body. He certainly does not want to risk any hernia reoccurrences. X 

  • Oh, wow, that's brilliant  , full credit to the both of you as a team! Take care!

  • Such wonderful news . 
    So encouraging and gives us all a lift .

    Take care ,


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