Nodules on Lungs

I was diagnosed with bowel cancer last May. I had surgery in June and was then told it had spread to my liver. I had 3 months of Xelox and then in November liver resection which was successful. I then had more chemo as a mop up which finished earlier this month. I recently had a CT scan and met my oncologist yesterday hoping for good news. I was devastated to be told that there are 3 nodules on my lungs. At the moment they are very small, too small for treatment so another scan in 3 months to see if there are any changes. I think I’m in shock at the moment as she said that any treatment would not be curative so now I’m thinking worst case scenario. Right now my emotions are all over the place and I just need to vent/share with other people who may have been through something similar. 

  • Thank you Marianne.  I would love to think this was my last treatment. We can live in hope. I was feeling a bit more positive, but getting near the time to go in hospital anxiety has come flooding back, not sleeping.I asked if this will put me back in remission, he thinks so. At the moment they haven’t discovered any more. He said he will scan me again on Friday. Well I think that’s what he said, I was in on my own and I don’t take it all in. Nelly xx

  • Try to sleep a bit tonight Nelly! We all feel very anxious when we have to undergo any procedures that are out of our control. It's a natural reaction for anyone!  However, despite my high anxiety prior to my Lung ablation....when I got to the hospital at 8am! (after a two hour car journey,) Just going through all the preliminary stuff - with all the kind nurses & staff, calmed me down...& obviously, under just go to sleep - & they do their magic on you!

    Just remember, it's a very non invasive procedure...that requires no surgery or stitches. When I woke, all I had were two tiny plasters on the two entry points - & when I removed them, there was no sign of blood or trauma to the skin. The needles are that thin!

    Everyone involved is there to help you.

    Once again, very best wishes, & let us all know how it went.

    Marianne x

  • Thank you Nelly, I’m gradually finding out more and getting my head round this. Good luck for Thursday xx

  • Hi Marianne, you had a very long journey, my hospital is not far, but i am in London so we give it 50 minutes to an hour because so many roads are closed for works, so you never know from day to day what roads are open. I met with the team on Monday and they were lovely. Like us all I  just want to get back to a bit of normality. I don’t know if there is much data on this treatment. I really appreciate what you have said. I have suffered so badly with anxiety, when I read posts people seem so together and knowledgeable about treatments and the meanings of it all. So thank you for replying, like you I think only one person answered about radio frequency ablation. Do you think that it might be the way forward with cancer?  I will post when I’ve had it done. Thank you for good wishes Nelly xx

  • Hi Jules064, do you know when you are having it Done? I will post  when it’s done.thank you for your  good luck. Nelly xx

  • Good Luck Hope it all goes well for you!

    Lots of love xxx

  • I’m having another CT scan in 3 months to see if there are any changes xx

  • Hi Phoebe, I was thinking about you, how is work? How are you doing?  Thank you for your good wishes, really appreciate it. I’m still suffering anxiety, I thought I’d turned a corner but I don’t know if it having this procedure done but feeling low. Sending love and hugs xxx

  • Hi Jules064, it is all the waiting that really gets you down. Sending love & hugs xxx

  • Hi @Nelly1955,

    Great to hear from you, hopefully you anxiety will get a bit less after tomorrow. It sounds like good treatment Nelly and soon done. You will soon be home with this behind you.

    Work is great, really enjoying being back with the students. 12 months was a long time and lots of things have changed. There is a lot of stress and anxiety among the children, especially the ones with exams. They have had an awful time of lockdown. Hopefully life is picking up for people.

    I haven't much to report health wise with myself, just plodding along with the immunotherapy and feeling well.  My diabetes has got a bit worse and that is a side affect, but apart from that all is good. Got a scan next month and starting to feel a bit jittery!

    I pop on here most days to see how everyone is getting on.

    Good Luck for tomorrow, try and get some sleep and keep safe. Speak soon!

    Take care xxx