Nodules on Lungs

I was diagnosed with bowel cancer last May. I had surgery in June and was then told it had spread to my liver. I had 3 months of Xelox and then in November liver resection which was successful. I then had more chemo as a mop up which finished earlier this month. I recently had a CT scan and met my oncologist yesterday hoping for good news. I was devastated to be told that there are 3 nodules on my lungs. At the moment they are very small, too small for treatment so another scan in 3 months to see if there are any changes. I think I’m in shock at the moment as she said that any treatment would not be curative so now I’m thinking worst case scenario. Right now my emotions are all over the place and I just need to vent/share with other people who may have been through something similar. 

  • Hi 

    So sorry to see you back . I think we chatted when you were originally dealing with your liver spread . If you reread my mum’s story( clicking on my user name ) you will see she too had a lung met ! The lung surgeon indicated it was all part of the original spread but revealing itself . Again like you it was very small . It actually took a full two years to go from two mm to eight mm . That’s the accuracy of the scans now . Given they are so small I guess they would need to monitor them to get a better idea what they actually are . My mum has two others that are completely benign and been then for over five years ! But they have never grown since and no uptake on the PET scan !

    You might like to research Radio frequency ablation and you can consult with a thoracic surgeon if they decide that’s appropriate.

    The non curative aspect used to upset me greatly but they have done a great job in managing it for my mum and she has lived a relatively normal life , out with treatment . In fact she has had no treatment for the last five years and the lung surgery they were able to do with Vats ( keyhole) which was a walk in the park compared to her liver/ bowel surgery . 

    They will monitor very carefully and come up with a good plan . But it’s so , so disappointing and we are here to help you get through this difficult part and draw strength again .

    Take care ,


  • Ask about Lung Ablation procedure, which I had last October.- on two small Lung nodules. (Largest was 3.5mm.)


  • Thank you Court. We did chat last year. Your mother’s story certainly gives me hope. I will certainly find out more about lung ablation. This is all new to me   

  • Thank you, I will look into this and try and find out more information. 

  • Hi Jules064. I really feel for you, I got a complete response no residual cancer and no metts within weeks they found 1cm on my liver. I’m high risk so I was turned down for surgery. I am on Thursday going in for Radiofrequancy ablation. I saw that Marianne as mentioned in her post about lung Ablation I don’t know if this is the same thing. It is a needle that goes through your skin to the site where needed. Mine will be done under general anaesthesia. It takes 1 to 2 hours. I asked if I need chemo he said he didn’t want to give it to me yet. He then discharges me back to my oncologist. All he said is that I will have a close eye kept on me. If all is well being kept in over night. Sending hugs xx Nelly

  • Sorry I meant to say I have to have it done under a ct scan this guides the needle. Xx

  • Hi Marianne hope you don’t mind me asking about your treatment. Was you ok after ? Do you know if this is being used more?

  • Hi Nelly

    Glad to hear that you are having this done so soon Nelly. Yes, it's exactly the same procedure as lung ablation Yes, I also had GA & was just kept in overnight....which they generally do with any General Anaesthetic & yes Nelly, I was absolutely fine after the procedure....but was absolutely starving that evening!

    As for using it more, only certain specialist hospitals perform it....I don,t think it's that common in the UK yet (more so in the US,) & when I asked questions about the procedure on here, prior to mine, I can't recall getting many answers.

    Very good wishes for Thursday.

    Marianne x


  • Thank you Marianne, I went in for my pre op and they seem really nice.did you have to have chemo? I asked but they said they didn’t think so but things change all the time. Sending hugs xxNelly

  • Hi Nelly

    I had Chemo. Tablets for six months before the shrink them (which worked.) I didn't need any chemo. the procedure worked - & ablated the nodules.

    Marianne x