Hi there. Diagnosed with bowel  cancer in sept.  Had a it removed beginning of January recovery went well and all was removed. I know need 3 months chemo as a preventative. It’s starting next week. Grinningeling nervous and scared  as you can imagine. Have got 4 cycles with 2 weeks tablets and 1 infusion. Have got a loving partner and great family and friends but still feel alone. Find it hard to talkGrinningo them as just get upset so don’t like to upset them. Just after some advice. Grinning

  • Hi . It’s good to hear that you’ve recovered well from the op and you’re getting ready for the last hurdle. Chemo affects everybody differently. There are quite a lot of side effects and you’ll probably get some to varying degrees but it is doable. 

    It helps to keep a diary as the nurses will ask how you’ve been and sometimes it can be easy to forget on your week off. There are pills and potions for just about everything so please tell them if you’re struggling. You may also have the doseage reduced if say your cell count is low. 

    Ive attached a link to a previous post about some of the side effects that you may experience - sometimes just knowing that it’s a normal reaction can be reassuring. In preparation I would make sure that you have a good moisture cream for your hands and feet - Aveeno with Shea butter is usually recommended by the nurses - and mention if they start to get sore. You will also need gloves for touching cold things - I forgot and got a jar out of the fridge and got quite a tingle. It’s also handy to have a scarf to cover your mouth especially after your infusion as the cold can make your lips spasm. Also make sure any ‘cold’ drinks are tepid as the cold can make your throat feel to tighten.

    Hope I haven’t made it sound too scary but forewarned is forearmed and after your first couple of sessions you’ll be halfway. Please keep posting and let us know how you’re getting on? It’s natural to find it all a bit emotional and sometimes you have to have been in the same situation to fully appreciate how it feels

    Take care

    Karen x

  • Hello Peggysue07,

    My first post here - my story is very similar,  I am a week into my third cycle of the Chemo regime ypu mention.  Kareno62 gives great advice about some of the symptoms, the only thing I would add is cold tingling feet in the recent cold spell so nice big thick Socks are helpful. 

    The journey can feel overwhelming at this stage - it soon passes, already I think not long left now! 

    don't beat yourself up too much about what you can't do and plan a bit a TV watching in your quieter days. 

    Also,  be prepared to feel emotional - I feel it's normal and expected ( we all have gad life changing diagnoses) , I often find I'm on the brink of tears for little things. The 4 cycles will be over before you know it x 

  • Thank you for the advice. I will hunt out my scarf and gloves. I’m used to feeling emotional lol. Just a horrible time what with covid restrictions as well. Also have a 60 minute round trip for the chemo sessions Face palm  Concerned about not being able to drink cold drinks did you experience this?if so is it for the whole treatment? I have a 100 things going on in my head at mo. I will take it 1 day at a time. X

  • Hello again,

    I really did miss being able to drink the cold drinks in the  first ( for me) week,  I drank tea and water with a bit of boiling water into bring it to more than room temperature.  I admit I do feel really quite sorry for myself  in them first days,  but it DOES get better and it does pass.....I'm now able to drink coldish fizzy drinks,  juice ( even a glass of wine).  I soon knew I wouldn't be able to drink certain things before so have never had the full horrible spasm we are warned about - drinking slowly helps to " test".

    I think these days / weeks leading upto getting dates to start treatment are incredibly stressful, once in the loop as it were I felt a little more in control. 


  • Hi Peggysue, I'm due to start chemotherapy for bowel cancer soon. I'm seeing the Oncologist on 11th March.

  • Hi Peggysue07

    Can I ask did you have any treatment prior to you surgery?

  • Hi Peggysue 

    I've just started what must be the same regime. I had my first infusion on Tuesday and have started my tablets (3 tablets twice a day). So far, so good. I deliberately don't focus on the side effects. I have already had 12 cycles of Cetuxamib, Fluorouracil and Irinotecan and coped quite well with the side effects of this regime. I'm just hoping that it goes as well this time. I realise that everyone is different but stay positive and don't be waiting for things to happen. I found some great books to help with positivity.

    Good luck for everything and keep the faith and keep your chin up. 


  • Hi. Thank you I will keep you posted x

  • hi there. No treatment before. They removed the tumour and due the chemo next week x

  • hi louis5656. My 1st chemo session is next Thursday. Will update after. X