Just been diagnosed with Lobular breast cancer and secondary bone

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Hi Everyone,

Was diagnosed yesterday with obular Breast cancer which has spread to my bones, no symptoms at all, was found by accident after an initial CT scan for gallstones. 

I feel fit, I feel well, I have been given a treatment plan with best case 6 to 7 years, orst 2, which is unbeleavable as I dont feel ill at all.

Is there anyone else here that has this diagnosis and can shed any light on the treatment and how you feel being on it,

Thank you x

  • Sorry to hear this what a shock for you and a lot to process.

    2 years ago I had mastectomy and all lymph nodes removed for Lobular cancer.

    I had not long finished all my treatment when I had rib pain.

    Got scans and spread to different bones.

    I been one year on a targeted therapy and IV Zometa every 3 months.

    I was already on Letrozole. 

    I have Lupus so I react with side effects from drugs a lot but I carry on with them as my 3 monthly scans are stable.

    Everyone is different on how they react to drugs.

    Has your team given you a treatment plan yet ?

    I wish you well on whatever treatment you get.