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Good evening.  I'm here to hopefully gain strength to help my dad who has been told today he has secondary bone cancer from his prostate cancer. Hello everyone x

  • Hi  and welcome to our community.

    My experience with cancer is through my wife and of course a different cancer, while here you might get specifics for what your dad has you might also like to introduce yourself in our Family and friends forum and/or Carers only forum as there are more active and perhaps a bit more focused on our supporting role and the impact it has on us.

    I got a lot of help from my local Maggies centre and from doing a living with less stress course. It helped me focus on the here and now and appreciate what we have rather than spending too much time focusing on what might happen in the future - and I was much better at imaging things much worse than things actually turned out. 

    I find the information in Your feelings when someone has cancer quite helpful in recognizing these emotions as normal in the world we now live in and that helps me feel less overwhelmed. 



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