Rib mets from Anal cancer

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Hello everyone. I’m Sue and I have rib mets thought to have come from lung nets from primary anal cancer.

Going ahead after much stressful thinking with Chemo Paclitaxel and Carboplatin. 
Can anyone give any helpful advice on their experience, I would be very grateful.

thank you Sue Blush

  • Hi sue, I also have bone cancer and also a brain tumour.  I have been on Paxitaxel  for 2 1/2 years

    They are now changing it to the same as you. People are different  and their bodies react differently.  Know it is hard but there is treatment  and you must stay positive. 


  • Thank you Joan for your reply. I am told that I am a positive person and have rarely let this get me down . Chemo can cause so many problems that it has taken me awhile to reach a decision after researching potential other alternative treatments. Yes I understand everyone’s situation and reactions may be different . I will plod on as we all have to do. All good wishes for you Joan. Take care, Sue