Has any had a Rib Resection?

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Hi just need to say hi really I'm 49 was diagnosed Feb 2022 with BC and  and Mets to my Rib after pulmonary embolisms caused delays

I had a mastectomy June 2022 Chemo which ended Jan 2023 and Radio to my chest wall which finished last week I'm still to have treatment to my rib I think they're talking about surgery has anyone undergone rib resection and if so how was your experience? 

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    I'm 'bumping' this post back to the top of the discussion list so it'll be more easily spotted.

    I have done a search in the group to see if there are any previous posts which mention 'rib' resection' but drew a blank I'm afraid. Of course that doesn't necessarily mean that no one has had one, it could just be that they haven't posted about it.


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  • Hi just wanted to say thanks for the advice I've updated my profile. I'm new to this so wasn't sure what to do. I have a response already so thank you. 

  • Hi Labrador mad;  I had surgery to remove a wedge on keft upper lobe in 2020; it had arrived after four years after  bowel removal;

    a year later I had the right middle lobe removed; and in 2022 I had a 2cm mass removed from my pluri in the chest wall. This year a follow up CT scan revealed a lump where the port site of the chest wall was; was told it was reoccurence; a PET scan also showed a 2cm lesion attaching itself to my 7th rib.....and it had fractrured; the PET scan also revealed a group of active nodules along the 7th rib line.

    I was told by the surgeon that open suregry to remove three ribs (one either side of the affected rib) was NOT recommended as there were too many cancerous deposits and the reoccuring lump at the port site could not be cut out as it would simply invade other areas.

    The surgeon has now transfered me to the oncology team to see what plan can be implemented with either Chemo or radiology or both; IAM AWAITING A DATE TO SEE THE ONCOLOGY TEAM. Surgery for rib recsection is the removal of three ribs and then the area that the ribs leave would be filled with a type of mesh; and the occurence of infection is high due to the body rejecting the material of the mesh.

    The downside to radiology to shrink the rib infections is thatit can weaken the ribs and possbly fracture; I can only say that in a way my referal to the chemo people may result in shrinking the deposits and possibly giving me a few more years.  Talk to your oncology experts and ask what the risks in your case is incurred if its open surgery. Best of luck Labrador mad, keep positive and remember  ....ITS A LONG ROAD THAT HAS NO TURNING!   Lez.

  • Hi Lez 

    Thankyou so much for your reply I haven't updated my profile I'm so sorry you have been through so much! I am so grateful at the moment I am in my fourth week of recovery for a rib resection on my 8th rib for an osteoblastic legion I had half my rib removed by robotic surgery. I'm not saying it wasn't painful at first but I'm doing really well I went for a walk yesterday as I've got to inflate my lung fully as it's still got a bit of fluid present as it was too painful to fully take deep breaths at first but after the first two weeks it became alot easier. I don't need a mesh as I only needed one rib doing but to be honest it's not that painful it's more painful at the front as they went in from the front key hole and as I'd already had previous mastecomy and Radio in that area it was still tender so I think that's why I hope you get yours sorted soon all the best x


  • So pleased you are sorted Julie; you only had to have a part of your rib removed so thats good news;

    In my case my 7th  rib has so much going on  in it they would have to remove one either side making three.

    But as said they wont operate because of a mass 2cm sq invading the lung and it would  spread if they start cutting, so its radiology and chemo; waiting for the oncologt team to see me; but hey back to you.......I hope you have a yll recovery and the pain becomes absent ! Keep up your spirits, and have someone to support you, my wife is with me every step but sometimes I get "rattie" with her over care.....but soon realise she means well.  take care and best of luck.