I’m about to start Denosumab and capecitabine and I’m scared of the side effects, is anyone else on this combo?

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I’m about to start denosumab and capecitabine and I’m scared of the side effects, anyone else on this as I’m scared my quality of life will become so bad? 

  • Hi  

    I haven't had this combination of drugs but noticed that your post hadn't had any replies yet. 

    I've searched the group for previous posts which mention 'denosumab and capecitabine' but, unfortunately, drawn a blank. Of course this doesn't mean that no one else in the group has had these, it may just be that they haven't posted about them.

    I can see though, that you have had replies to a similar question in the secondary breast cancer group and hope that they have been helpful.

    Wishing you all the best


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  • Hi Spicegirl 

    I have been on  Denosumab  and Paxitaxel  now for 14 months, and am coping with it quite well. My combination  of chemo is different  from yours. People react in different ways. I have the injection the first week of each monthly circle. Good luck and best wishes.

  • Thank you for answering I really appreciate it, take care of you x