Secondary bone cancer

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My husband has just been diagnosed with secondary bone cancer after 15 years of prostrate cancer. He is about to srr the art chemotherapy in a; few weeks. 
from my research I have discovered tgg he at this cancer in the first instance creates extreme bone pain .

my husband is nit currently in any pain. this diagnosis has only come about after recent ct scan. 
can anyone else relate to this and advise me of what to expect 

  • Hello Mrs Bear. So sorry to hear about your husband. I had breast.I cancer 2017 and 16 months ago it came back as seconday bone caner .I have Been receiving  weekly chemo since then, 3 weeks on and one week off. . I am taking pain killers daily. Contact your oncology nurse/team. I found the bone cancer pain was building over the course of the last few months . But your team  can advise you . Good luck.

  • Hi.  My partner was diagnosed secondary bone cancer a year ago yesterday.  He was referred for a scan after the physio at our doctors surgery was concerned about the amount of pain he said he was experiencing in his shoulder.  He was in a lot of pain and couldn’t lift his shoulder.  The scan revealed cancer in his shoulder, thorax, collar bone, lungs, spine… scary!  
    chemo started once the primary source was discovered (non Hodgkin stage 4).  The pain eased with the medication he was given and it didn’t worsen at any point. He had no pain anywhere else, just his shoulder.  He is one of the lucky ones as his latest set of results are free from cancer (miraculous as far as the consultant was concerned).  It’s an awful journey but there is hope Heart️ 

  • After 1 year of chimiotherapy he was clear of cancer?

    This is very good news Clap 

  • My husband in November last year he was diagnosed whit  stomach cancer whit metastaze in the bone ( spine and pelvis), he is in a second session of chimiotherapy,  I hope everything will  be ok for PraymPray

  • Yes.  The consultant was quite amazed by it.  there are good news stories out there and it’s important  to hear them I think.  Much love to you and best of wishes 

  • did he somehow follow a diet for this, did he do something extra or was it just chemotherapy treatment?

  • His tongue felt terrible and he struggled with his appetite so he ate what he fancied along with smoothie drinks I made every morning for him.  Needed to be careful about made him feel sick etc.  I don’t believe his diet made the ultimate difference - he is just very lucky with the way his body has responded I think.  He’s lucky he was referred - lucky he got seen quickly and treated as fast as they could.. so many things were aligned.  Hoping for cancer free check ups forever more Pray tone1 

    wishing you the same fortune 

  • Thank you for your answer, all  the best Thumbsup 

  • That's amazing news congratulations! My mum had pain in her shoulder and only after months later did she get a scan which confirmed lung cancer, spread to her shoulder and her pelvis, by which point it was too late. Too late for treatment such as chemo and palliative care only. The GP assumed frozen shoulder and didn't think to keep looking using a scan.

    I would do anything for 1 more year, or for her cancer to disappear.