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Hi everybody. Last week I was told I had a Hotmail breast cancer, her2 negative, with lymph involvement and internal mammary gland involvement. My scans showed a fluffiness that “may be wear and tear” however today I was told that this is metastatic spread. 
tomsay I’m devastated is an understatement - I’d convinced myself it couldn’t happen to me and I’m struggling with the thought of my husband being on his own as the stats show that the likelihood is a hound death (I’m 50 in august). I’m ok with the breast cancer but I’m really struggling to deal with the diagnosis of metastases. I’d be really grateful to know of any similar experiences, how you’re doing and how you got through it. Really grateful for your time in reading this message xx

  • Hi Newbie, I am so sorry to hear what you are going through. You must stay positive .. My cancer has also metasisized in my bones secondary. I have been undergoing treatment chemo 3 weeks on and 1 week off for over a year.  There are treatments and new clinical trials  ask your  Oncologist .also plenty of support and help out there for you. Good luck  x

  • Thank you. I’m trying to feel less sorry for myself today. Thank you for your words - ecoraging and inspiring x