Secondary breast cancer in spine…. Pain!

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Good morning,  I was diagnosed 4 years ago with secondaries to my bones, mainly spine and ribs.  I’m on first line treatment atm Letrozole, Palbociclib and Denosumab.

I had further radiotherapy on my thoracic spine in the summer for the pain some progression.

I have a question which I’m hoping somebody in a similar position may be able to answer?  I have quite a lot of deep pain in my thoracic spine (middle) when sitting, (the palliative team are currently trying to sort out the correct level of pain relief) has anyone found a cushion/pillow to alleviate pain in the spine? Please? 

Thank you Pray tone1 

  • Hi there, I am sorry to hear of your problem with the pain. I was diagnosed with bone cancer last  September  and am on Paxitaxel and also denosumab.  I also have quite a bit of pain expecially when walking , I don't  have any when i am sitting down at the moment. I am sure your pallative care teal aor try Mcmillan website. I will ask a few of my friends who also have the cancer in their bones including  in the spine and will get back to you

  • Thank you Pray tone1 for your reply!  I would be grateful for any advice x

  • Hi I think a v shaped pillow may help you ? It’s worth a try think you can get them at Wilkos and Amazon Xx