Secondary breast cancer to the bones

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Hi everyone,

I had primary breast cancer but i was told in 2021 that it had come back and has now spread to my bones in several areas. I'm new to the forum so introducing myself.


  • Hi Katlen  I also had breast cancer 4 years ago and was informed last Sept  that it had spread to my bones. IP  have it in quite a few places  and have been  having chemo  since last Oct.  I attend every week for 3 weeks and 1 week off.   I am due to have a PET scan in a week or so to see where I am at. I am at present  on Paxitaxel and stable I'm dome places. Ehat trestmeny are you going to have. You must stay positive  as there is treatment out there. Good luck

  • I've been on Palbociclib tablets with Letrozole since I was diagnosed the second time around, and I have Denosumab injections too. So far, all is good. I had chemo for my first cancer round in 2016 along with all the other full works -  surgery and radiotherapy.  i I'm going to be having the diep surgery soon though as previous radiotherapy caused so much fat necrosis and lymphoedema that they're offering the surgery to help the discomfort that i've had since. 

    I try and stay positive and strong as what else can you do eh - I had 5 years of being cancer free before being back here again! Sometimes it is difficult through.

  • Good luck with your next PET !

  • Thank you. I had y 4 yearsvagocandbto be completely 

    • Hi Katlen   have you been offered  a clinical trial i know there are some in London ask your oncologist  she may be able to advise
    • . I never gave it a second  thought after the breast cancer, I suppose  I got complacent . It was quite a shock. I think the BC  should explain the possibilities  of secondary  cancer.
    • Have you been given a date fir your operation?
  • Hi,

    Not been offered any trials yet as think it’s because I’ve so far been responding to treatment.

    no date for surgery yet - I’m down as being a priority but I also had surgery to one of my big toes mid sept  ( that’s another story!), so having to wait til the scar is ok too. Think it will offered before Xmas though.

    Muscle Stay strong

  • Hi all,

    I'm new to the forum having been diagnosed just before xmas that my breast cancer has returned after 8 years - now spread to the bones (spine - multiple places  and left pelvis).  Have just started targetted treatment less than 2 weeks ago.  I have oestrogen positive; HER negative breast cancer.  I had mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy in 2015; then DIEP reconstruction about 3 years later.  It has been a shock getting this diagnosis but I had been having back pain for several months - which kept moving around so my GP didn't think it was anything to be concerned about.  I continue to have pain in my back and sometimes chest pain at front.  Also had horrible back spasms for several days at a time - which thankfully have gone for now.  If anyone has had similar issues I'd be interested in hearing how you managed these problems - what painkillers you take etc.

    Look forward to hearing from some of you

  • Angela I had Bc 4 years ago double masectomy. All   good until last year when it came back secondary in the bones and the same as you on several places ie spine , rib, sternum sacrum an neck. I am trying to deal with the pain with co codamol and ibuprofen. I am on pacitaxel   for  weekly infusion and have even on it for a year. I an triple negative. Are you HR2, because treatment is different. 

  • Hi Marybernadette,  Thanks for your reply - it's good to hear from you!  I am oestrogen positive and HR -ve.  Just started treatment with Fulvestrant (injection) and Ribociclib (tablets).  Also will likely join a clinical trail soon which involves taking a third drug.  I'm being treated at the Royal Marsden where alot of clinical trails happen. My consultant suggested not taking Ibruprofen as he said it can cause stomach ulcers - so not a good choice in the longer term.  They are now trying me on Pregabalin - but I have quickly found that causes constipation - so not keen to take it often!

    I do find co-codamol helpful sometimes.

    I have also changed my diet quite radically - removing all sugars and carbs where possible (a challenge!) and also doing intermittent fasting (eating in an 8 hour window).  I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who has also changed their diet and how they are finding it?  I have just watched a U tube video about the amazing properties of mushrooms!

    For anyone interested and wanting to do something proactive - if you google Martin Powell 'Why all mushrooms are magic' you'll find a one hour lecture which is facinating.  I am definitely going to be buying more mushrooms!

    So good to communicate with others.......