Choosing an Oncologist

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Hi all

I have recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer which has spread to the bones. I am currently being referred to an oncologist by my urologist.

I understand that there are all kinds of alternative therapies out there and that not all oncologists agree with them. What is your experience? Did you 'shop around' to find the right oncologist for you?

How did you find out what you should be eating, doing etc?

Many thanks for all your help.


  • Hi Geoff, sad to see you here but welcome anyway, I didn't have a choice of oncologist but that's ok as he is a very good one.

    He recommended me to ask my Macmillan nurse to arrange acupuncture to help with some of the side effects.

    Are you on the prostate group and the incurables group if not give them a try as well.

    All the best Ulls 

  • Hi Ulls- many thanks for your advice. Good luck with the acupuncture. I would be very interested to know if that helps.

    All the best


  • I had it last year and yes it was very successful