Don’t know where to begin

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My husband has been diagnosed with prostate cancer in July this year. after having gout. He has no pain had he was expecting to have surgery to remove it. However the bone scan as revealed cancer in the bone. We got this news last Thursday. Absolutely deviated and shocked, as he has had no pain, apart from the usual aches and pains. He is a healthy (or so we thought) 60 year old. 
My husband is having a PET scan on Friday. 
the feeling of hopelessness will not go away. I go to bed it’s the last thing on my mind and the first thing I think when I wake. So sad 

  • Hi penny22, this group is not the most active groups, have you posted on the prostate or living with incurable cancer groups, I'm on all 3, if you tap the icon by my name opens my profile.

    I have incurable advanced matast prostate cancer, if both of you were not confused scared about the future you would not be normal, to get the best advice from the groups, please provide the following information, level of PSA, Gleason scores, and what your consultant has told you, believe me you are not alone we are all human, keep posting, I'm going into the shower now but will be online again soon.

    1. All the best Ulls