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Having passed blood in my urine 4 weeks ago, yesterday I was diagnosed with Renal Cell Carcinoma with Secondary Bone cancer in my spine and hip. Haven't been given a prognosis as MDT meet next Wednesday to review me. I have constant pain in my left hip and lumbar region. Currently on 5mg Oxycodone x 6 daily as don't tolerate tramadol.

Stu x

  • Hi Stu

    Sorry to hear about your diagnosis, I have NSCLC with secondary bone cancer in my femur. Good luck with your prognosis a cancer diagnosis is not as bad these days as it used to be, so fingers crossed for you. I also take oxycodone daily for pain control, I find this very good and I don’t have any side affects from it.

    I know this is a very worrying time for you but try and enjoy the weekend and get out and about as much as you can. You need to ensure you are as strong as possible to get through you treatment plan. If you want to chat further or just have a rant or ask any questions please feel free to contact me, I’ve sent you a friends request if you want to chat outside the forum.

    Have a great afternoon


  • Hi stu, as hamhat say worrying time, but don't let it stop you getting on with your life, I hope the MDT meeting goes ok, we will be here for you.

    All the best Ulls