Walking again after spinal compression

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I primarily suffered a rare bone marrow cancer and had chemo and a bone marrow transplant and now roughly 20 months in remission. Last January I suffered a secondary spinal compression in jan2021 where I could not release urine, had constipation, dragging 1 leg and getting weaker in legs. I went to a Nd e by ambulance and within hours had paralysis temporary in legs and arms, I was put on steroids high dose to shrink tumour on spine and started to get feeling and movement back to a degree. Then radiology to neutralise cancer on spine. I then went through bout of chemotherapy, lumbar punctures with metatrixate I think is called. I went into intensive care as had sepsis and took so long for neutrophils to come back after the chemo. Rested badly also to vankermisen antibiotic and in all was bedbound for about 4.months. Now suffering a bit currently with gvhd  10 months after transplant. I have for last year walked on at home not very well due to weak legs unaided presently but all the times my muscles on calf and thigh are always tight. This is my question. Has anyone else suffered something similar after a spinal compression with muscle tightness which sometimes seems tighter with or without exercise. It is like spacisity or contracture I guess where some of my muscles are not getting message from brim to expand. Has anyone else had similar and muscles recover? Did you just have to wait? Did you have to perform more exercise? If no one has been through this maybe a neurologist can give me advise? I know I have been through a lot but a year of walking at home inside upstairs as well on crutches and unaided I would have thought I would have improved. I feel I now have strength in my legs ie stamina to stand for a long time but my muscles always seem tight and some days / times are worse than others. 

  • Should be 10 months remission not 20

  • Forgot to mention in front of thighs have a numb and tingly sensation which is more intense in one leg than the other. I am guessing this is sensory neurone that need to possibly re-establish a new neural pathway or the correct feeling may come back with time. Does anyone also have experience of something similar?

  • I had an operation on my L1 spinal compression but still suffer with nerve damage and spasm muscles aswell as bone density issues now from the HT threapy which i have monthly zoledronic acid infusions to help combat the issue. I am doing light weights and use the cross trainer



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