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Hello everyone, apologies if this is a bit long. 
I was diagnosed in Jan with breast cancer with lymph node and bone mets throughout my spine and ribs. Due an MRI on Friday to check some suspicious lesions on my liver too. 

I was suffering with bad bone pain before there was any sign of a breast lump and struggled to be taken seriously by my gp who refused to prescribe pain relief before I’d seen oncology and initially advised I had costochondritis. 

As such I’ve not been feeling well for a long long time and then I was admitted to hospital a week ago for a high calcium, dehydration and AKI which explains why I was feeling so poorly (extreme nausea, pain, agitation). 

I had my first bone treatment in hospital and my chemo is booked for the first week in March. I’m just struggling so much with this sudden deterioration in my health. I can barely walk and my body doesn’t feel like my own.

im only 39 and was really active up until Jan riding horses and working full time as a nurse. Are this the residual effects of my hospital stay and high calcium and will it improve? I can’t bare feeling like this before my proper treatment even starts. 

I have an appointment with my oncologist on Friday but I’m just so lost with it all and fed up of feeling so poorly all the time. I feel like I’m not the same person. My skin is awful following the treatment and my legs are so swollen. I feel puffed out all the time and the stairs are my Everest! 

  • Hallo Ola 658,  so sorry to hear that you feel so rotten.  It is such a shock to be diagnosed with breast cancer and then bone cancer as well.  I think once you start on the full treatment you will feel more positive and hopefully better.  I had breast cancer twenty years ago and had chemo and radiotherapy.  Early last year I started having bad pains in my back.   My GPs didnt get to the bottom of it and after getting pains in my chest and calling an ambulance the diagnosis was I had cancer in my sternum and spine.  I didnt want to eat and lost a lot of weight.  Things have settled now but I am breathless and cannot walk far.  However, I was told this is treatable and read that people can and do live many years with secondary cancer.  My life has changed and this saddens me.  I did cry a lot in the beginning but rarely now.  I do hope you start to feel better soon.  Hugs to you Suexx

  • Hi Ola658  Sorry to hear you are feeling so unwell. Like  lavenderpansy i  had breast cancer many years ago and was diagnosed with secondary bone cancer 2 years ago. I think like many on here our diagnosis can and has been missed for many months even years. You have a MRI on Friday and once that has been done a proper treament plan can be set in place. I have it in spine ribs and many more places i wont bore you with. What i want to say is there are plenty of treatment available so look ahead and try to stay posative, i know its tough now but you will feel better when you know what you need to do to keep well, its the not knowing thats scary we all know that feeling on this site.Stress and anxiety does not help and can make you feel more unwell please try to sit and take a breather. I wish you all the best, but keep looking ahead and not back take care dawn xx

  • So sorry to hear you are struggling, i am 39 and was diagnosed 12 months ago with stage 4 metastatic prostate cancer with spinal compression, fracture and collaspse of L1 vertebrae. Is the bone treatment zoledronic acid infusions? Thats what i have monthly. 



    "Diagnosed March 2021 at 38 years old with stage 4 metastatic prostate cancer, my journey so far is on my profile"