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Newly diagnosed following mammogram/biopsy grade 2 bilateral breast cancer in breast tissue and lymph node. My thoughts ok, so this isnt good but I will get through this! MRI and CT scans show its already spread to Sternun so non curable! Bone scan booked and anxiously and eagerly awaitng this and getting results and can move on to can see Onoclogist and get treatment plan.

Feeling devastated, overwhelmed, thoughts racing and just can not switch them off. But following a lovely and reassuring call from a lady from Maggies today who speclises in secondary cancer I'm off to see her and benefits advisor tomorrow. I'm hopeful that as from tommorrow afternoon I will get my positvity bsck and will see living with non-curable cancer can be done, I can live for good amount of years with this. I've only had one short phone call with Maggies, but that one short call has hugely helped me, I'm so thankful we have such amazing charities to support and lift us out of such a dark place.


  • Hi  just wanted to check in and see how you are doing. I hope you're working a way through this and getting the support you need x

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  • Hi Irishgirl,

    Awwww how lovely. Thanks for so much for checking in on me. It's all still overwhelming.  I live by myself so there's no one here to distract me, so at present secondary cancer is very much at the forefront of my mind all the time!   

    I'm in the limbo stage, waiting for bone scans and getting another ultra sound done, and hopefully onocologists appointment soon after to get treatment started.  I had a great meeting with a lady from Maggies who' explained much more to me and put my mind at rest I'm going to be here for a good few years yet, so I'm a bit better than I was. 

    I need a kick up the backside mind.... just can not motivate myself to do any real house work, excerise etc. Its like everything is on hold till I get to where I need to be and start treatment.  Ah tomorrow is another day hopefully I will be able to push on snd feel more motivated them. 

    Thanks again Irishgirl, your little message has made me write my feelings down and kinda made me look where I'm at, as well as well... just feel supported which is fab!  xx

  • Hey, the limbo stage is horrid, isn't it. All the running around for appointments, waiting and worrying, it was the worst for me and I was much better when I had a plan. There was so much out of my control that my only response was to really focus on the things I could control and I focussed on diet and exercise.  I walked loads, and was motivated by simply the fact that this was in my gift to decide.  I hope you can get a little of your motivation back soon. Take care x

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