Mets on S1 - any advice on pain relief?

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Hi there, 

I have a secondary tumour (thyroid mets) on my s1 and I wondered if anyone else had this and how they’ve managed the pain before treatment? 

I’m a single mum and trying to keep up with my 9&7yr olds but struggling at the minute. 

Many thanks


  • Hi Caroline and a very warm welcome to the online community

    I'm sorry to read that you're struggling with pain while waiting for treatment to begin. I can't help with your question but I noticed that you hadn't had any replies yet. It might be an idea to also post this in the thyroid cancer group which I can see you're a member of.

    I presume that you've already told your CNS (cancer/clinical nurse specialist) about the pain that you're experiencing and they haven't been able to help. If not do get in touch with them as they wouldn't want you to be in pain while waiting for your treatment to begin. If you have spoken to your CNS then you could speak to one of the nurses on the Macmillan Support Line to see if they can offer any advice. It's free to call them on 0808 808 0000 and they're available every day between 8am and 8pm.


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