Hello everybody.

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I was just recently diagnosed with breast cancer I have Mets all through my skeleton. I'm so shocked that it has spread. I did my self exams yearly mammograms everything. I've started treatment and it seems that I am responding very well. I just keep going over how could this have happened to me. I'm 59 and was so well. Now I take morphine for the bone pain. I'm very emotional. Its good to write as I'm so busy acting like I'm just fine. I hate how this is hurting my kids and all my family. I'm not fine everyone asks are you ok...what am I supposed to say. I want to scream. 

  • Hi Wallwalker 

    I am in a similar situation to you  I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer that spread to my bones and I have two kids age 20 and 18 it is natural to feel like this I am 54 feel the same cant get my head round this.  However there is lots of treatments available to hopefully keep us stable.  Pleased your treatment is going well.

  • Hi Geordie, Im now living near Hexham, Im not a true Geordie as Im from Yorkshire. Anyhow have you had time to look around the site? Its such a shock getting the diagnosis but there is hope fot us. Hope you have a good day today!

  • Hi wallwalker

    I live in Blaydon Hexham is a lovely place. I feel good today had a look around the site and been reading the positive breast cancer thread with different links.  This gives us all hope. How are you?

  • Hi Kaz, I woke a couple of times in the night with pins n needles in my arms.Im a bit worried as i know the cancer is in my neck and spine. Its kinda creepy wondering if its growing. Other than that Im doing good.The positive stories help me, i was hesitant to join incase it was too upsetting but so far so good.

  • I was going to ask how your kids are coping mine are 25 and 27 telling them was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.

  • I know what you mean I get little aches and twinges if you feel worried mention it to your oncologist or specialist nurse are you been treated at the Freeman it could be side effects from meds.Grinning

  • I go to Hexham and NSEC if I get sick. I had sepsis when I was on the Palbo 125. Today I feel like I have a sore throat I'm going in for bloods so I should probably mention itUpside down I go to Freeman for scans. I'm trying to ignore the creaks in my bones. Hope you are doing ok. Any side effects?