Dad cancer I need advice and support.

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My dad has advanced prostate cancer which spread to lungs spine ribs. He had radiation therapy and is able to get around without pain has walking aid. Says not in pain but older generation of get on with it and stubborn.psa level down from 535 to 500 and G is7. Been given enzalutamide tablets and on hormone injections

Looking into moving close to him. 

What can I do to help him and what should I expect for future.

Not asked for life expectancy 

  • Hi lady79 I am so sorry to hear about your Dad. I have a different cancer to your Dad, but noticed your post here was not answered, so thought I would come and say hi.

    I have seen that you have had some reply's in the prostate group, I hope you found that helpful.  I am sure your dad would appreciate you being closer to him. I lost my mum 8 years ago, and I took some time off work to spend more time with her. I am so grateful that I did, but it never seems you have enough time together. 

    Wishing you and your dad all the very best. 


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