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Hi I am new to this site, but posted on prostate site.

I am 73 an quite fit, I was diagnosed in January with advanced prostate and bone Matas Cancer, I was given a prognosis of 6 to 24 months. my wife and I initially had a hard time comming to terms with the diagnosis.

I was transferred from urology to oncology in February and put on Enzlutamide with the usual side effects.

Started radiotherapy treatment 6 session planned,first one complete, second one today. Had a appointment with the oncology consultant yesterday, he was very pleased with my last blood tests and scanse, my PSA has dropped from 25 to 1.8. The radiotherapy is to reduce the prostate cancer to stop it from spreading, the hormone tablets and injection will control and stabilise both the prostate and bone Matas Cancer.

He has patients who have lived with these cancer's for years and years and years. He certainly brighten my future, when I told my wife she started to cry with joy.

  • Hi . I just dropped by and noticed you've not yet had an answer to your post. By me answering it'll "bump" it up to the top so hopefully someone will answer you soon. 

    It's really good to read your treatment's proving effective which is such a relief.

    I obviously don't have the same cancer as you but my hubby was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in 2013.(Gleason increased from 5 to 11.2) He had Brachytherapy and 3 weeks of radiotherapy. He was discharged from his Oncologist back in 2018 and his recent PSA was 0.19. He's now 78 and only problem is now awaiting a hip replacement - 2023? 2025?

    All the best, B xx

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  • Hi MrsBJH, I am pleased to read that your husband has been discharged, now that covid 19 has stopped being the most important condition they will get around to doing your husbands hip replacement, my sister had both of her hips replaced a couple of years ago, now its hard to catch her in.

    All the best to you and your husband