Stage 4 Lung Cancer

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My husband (we got married 31st March 2020) has got stage 4 lung cancer and got diagnosed mid Jan this year.  He had back pain in Nov which gradually got worse, then he was struggling to walk too 3 trips to A&E to be taken seriously.

Within 12 hrs of 3rd visit he was having a tumour removed from his spine then to be told 2 weeks later he has cancer stage 4 and prognosis is approx 10 months.

We had planned a wedding with all our family and friends which got cancelled, did manage to get married with 2 witness ( this was his only wish)

With Corona virus we are trapped inside and I am worried that he will not get the honeymoon and party I have postponed.

He said yesterday he was just waiting to die.

I cry by myself most days, life just seems so unfair.

Just wanted to express my feelings as I cant complain to my husband

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    Really sorry no one has responded. It is really crap for you and your husband to find yourself in this situation. I hope you have others you can talk to, because it is hard to carry it alone. As you say, the news you have had is bad enough, without lockdown taking away the nice things you might have done together. Have you joined the carers group so you have others in similar boat to talk to, and maybe ring macmillan for support for yourself as well. All the best, you are not alone.