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Hi everyone  is anybody else in my situation i am waiting for a oncology appointment to come through i was told last week i have cancer and to wait for the appointment to come through. I am terrified they will cancel this appointment because of the corona virus and i wont be able to start any treatment for however long this lasts can they do that i am beside myself with worry what do you all think Xx

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    Hi Wino i am sorry to hear your news.You are not alone.I am having an chemo but currently on break until April.I have requested it.I am worried to when I will see the oncologist he will tell me we will delayed it or stop it because you i am stage 4 anyway.I am in a such a stress and crying a lot because Some of the tumours have dissapeared and I want to get a chance to live

    I fully understand your worries.Could you call your your GP or the hospital to ask how  long it will take?

  • Hi Janet500                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      I thanks for replying, i know we are in unprecedented times with corona virus, but when you have incurable cancer time is of the essence to us. i am sure there are many on here who are unsure about upcoming operations and treatment just like us. You are in a great place right now with some of your tumours dissapearing well done, and obviously you want your treatment to carry on. I have just been on the phone to a friend and she has said her partner works at a hospital and all cancer treatments are going ahead as usual.but you are on treatments already so you should be fine,she said that a lot of oncology reviews were being done on the phone but people still need to go for chemo and if you are on tablet chemo they are arranging them to be sent out to you and bloods to be done by your doctors surgery so watch this space.I think we are probably over thinking it because we are self isolating and watching to much Boris Johnson and that s never a good thing.                                                                                                                                                                              I am phoning up the hospital on Monday and asking what,s the situation and maybe you can also so we are not worrying all week long Take care Xx

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    Its so true about BoJo i cant watch him anymore having headaches from his mummbling.Unfortunately I am on IV chemo not tablets and also my hubby is working and the time he finishea at work there is.nothing left in the shops so I cant do self-isolating because I need to go to the shops in the morning.Also I am not driving have to use public transport to go to the hospital.Its easy to say isolate when you have no money for cab or hubby  has to go to work.I am on Universal credit but its hard.

    Anuway I hope you get sorted your appt

  • Oh Janet that is tough, people don,t think when they are stockpiling how it affects other people.You are in the most vulnerable group you have to be really careful but i fully understand were you are coming from.Universal credit is a disgrace i am ( was ) self employed and because i am self isolating because hopefully starting chemo soon i can not work at the moment so was told i needed to go on it, but i had a look and they don,t pay hardly anything,so i am going to struggle on as best as i can and hopefully get back to work asap after self isolation.You could really do with some help doing all this must be so stressful for you.I hope things get better Keep Well and Safe Xx

  • Hi Wino

    I am hoping they will go ahead with your appointment  and treatment. I know with myself they were eager to start me on treatment without delay and they do say that all non emergency treatment and surgery is being postponed but I don’t think we fall into that category! They have to continue with cancer care! Hopefully you get some answers tomorrow. I have my 3 month scan on Thursday and haven’t heard anything so I’m hoping that will still go ahead! They are sending out letters to most vulnerable to say stay in for 12 weeks from what Boris was saying so I’m assuming we will get one??? I need bloods done and my appointments to go to as we all do so I am really hoping all goes as normal or that someone comes to the house to give me my treatments!

    It must be hard travelling on public transport for groceries. I’m trying to go with my dad who’s over 70 to help him but we try to go late at night or first thing when it’s quieter! My sister is usually a help but she’s in isolation as she has a sore throat and a cough so haven’t seen her in couple of weeks apart from FaceTime!

    Stay safe! X

    Jo x
  • Hi Jo6                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Thanks for that, its just to scary i am anxious all the time, but what you are saying makes sense to me. I I hope your scan goes ahead as planned and more importantly its good news and the chemo is doing its job.Keep in touch Jo6 Stay Safe Xx

  • Hi 

    Had scan- all went ahead as normal. Waiting on results now ....again... hate the waiting! Oncology appointment is next Thursday so I’m assuming they will wait until then to give results!

    Stay safe everyone x

    Jo x