Secondary breast cancer

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Any positive stories on treating lesions on the pelvis. Just been told after scan and waiting for them to get back to me regarding treatment . They had meeting today but not heard back so in a state of worry until I get information. Feel like very alone but that's normal to feel that way. Thank you for reading about my woes. 

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    Sorry no one got back to you after your post of 11th March. I have lesion in my hip, along with other places and have been in treatment for last 2 years and 4 months. So I guess the answer is yes, there will be treatment options for you. it is very scarey waiting for results and treatment plans. I think we all automatically think that every minute that passes means that things are getting worse, but in reality timescales are not quite like that. Sorry you often feel alone. Usually this and other groups are better at getting back to people. The Living with Incurable cancer group is particularly supportive so might be worth joining that one, as there are plenty of positive people and stories on there, as well as support when you feel low. Your woes are worth sharing and definitely dont apologise for expressing them.

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    Sorry you too have lesions but glad to hear you have been in treatment for two years plus. Yes that's exactly how I am thinking at the moment about waiting. Just in the scarey stage at present.I was on kadcyla until August and was responding very well on it , breast and lung had reduced right down. But due to low heart function they stopped it. So a bit confused , and thinking that's the reason for the pelvis spread. Thank you for your response as you say once there is treatment plan in place it's more positve. All the best wishes for you also. Thank you . 

  • Thanks , I am on kadcycla too ( just finished second lot). There is a thread on this forum "breaks in ribociclib" and someone on there mentions being taken off it and put onto another drug - so hopefully there will be something for you which does not affect your heart.