Are there support groups/meet ups for secondary breast cancer

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Hi all,

my mum has recently been diagnosed with secondary breast cancer of the bone. I promised her I would find some kind of group in which she could share her thoughts with people who are going through the same. Obviously I am here for her always but I have read it’s really good to talk to someone who knows how you are feeling. Could anyone help me? Are there meet ups? 

thank you and stay strong xx

  • Heya Puppy,

    The simple answer is yes, there are meetups. The more complicated answer is that it depends on where you live as to if there are any meetups anywhere near you!

    If you click here then you'll find the Macmillan 'in your area' search function. You'll be able to put in your postcode or town to see what's been put up online.

    I'd also suggest popping in to your local Maggie's Centre or MacMillan Centre to see what they have listed, as not everything makes it up online here.

    I'd also do a bit of Googling to see what's in your area. For example, here in Leeds there is a place called Haven which is a charity and building specifically for people with breast cancer, and they run all sorts of groups.

    The other thing to consider is if she just wants to meet folks who have secondary breast cancer, or just anyone who has cancer, or metastasised cancer. There are generally more groups based around activities than there are around specific cancers. Sometimes just chatting to someone with cancer is enough for people, while sometimes they need someone with an advanced type, or they want someone with the same as they have.

    Hopefully you find something though, fingers are crossed!



    I have no medical training, everything I post is an opinion or educated guess. It is not medical advice.

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    Thank you Lass! Much appreciated xoxo