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Just wanted to share as I saw a post the other day from someone going through something similar.

So they put a stent in when they did the biopsy on my bladder. Said I should expect the bleeding to stop after 3 days. That was in November. Still peeing like a leaky tap and pee like a fine claret. 

Had my stent out today - it was causing inflammation on my bladder and they had a heck of a time taking it out. Not a pleasant experience!!

It hurts like hell to pee but hell, but heck do I feel good!!!

Not having that constant pressure to pee all the darn time. I'm feeling amazing.

I didn't realise just how miserable it was making me until it came out, today is a good day ;-)

  • What a wonderful story. Despite the challenges of the past three months, you've overcome! You'll have lifted quite a few hearts I reckon. Thanks so much for sharing Hx

  • Hi MM. Good to know your stent has been removed. It must be a relief in more ways than one . Hopefully the discomfort will ease over the coming days. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • Seriously, I feel like a million dollars right now. Crazy how I didn't realise how it was effecting me. My partner has noticed a big improvement in my mood (a mood I didn't realise I had)

  • So pleased for you after a tough time. Garviv

  • I sooo wish health professionals would pay more attention to the effects of physical situations and treatments on the patients' mood, and consequent effect on partners/family/carers. Glad you are feeling better.


  • The only issue I have is that the surgeon told me he put two stents in. And from what I can tell from the awful doctors writing I believe he did. I still get pain around my kidney which is where the other one is supposed to be. But THEIR paperwork only mentioned one so that's all they removed.

    But that's a problem for another day.

  • I think MagicMirror you should take this to PALS at whichever hospital/s this is. Even if it doesn't go on to cause YOU trouble, a repeat failure of communication could have dire consequences for another patient - so they need to sort their systems.


  • I would agree with Denby. You want your records to be accurate and you need your team to reflect on whether the second stent needs to be removed sometime. PALS are a great organisation which will try to sort out your concerns. Hope you are still feeling amazing. xx