Exercise before a NM Whole Body FDG PET CT Scan?

I have an appointment for this next week. The letter says No Exercise 24hrs before the scan. Applying this strictly, would suggest that I have to forego my usual Golf Society meeting the day before. I am wondering why this stipulation, does anybody know? 

Would it perhaps be acceptable to play, if I used a golf cart to greatly limit the walking required, and perhaps only did 9 holes rather than the full 18? 

  • Thanks Jane, I am trying hard to remain positive, but the last 2 years have taught me that just because you don't feel unwell at all, it doesn't mean all is actually well!

    I find it quite strange that I have never had any pain or discomfort in advance of the various treatments given, some of which have given me quite severe discomfort after the various procedures.

    The Adjuvant chemo post kidney removal, made me so progressively unwell that I was hospitalised for 2 weeks with toxic shock. So the cure in many respects has often been more unpleasant than the problem being dealt with, although ultimately it would no doubt have killed me eventually, if left untreated! 

    So I find that I'm reasonably fit and supposedly healthy again, but may have further life threatening issues still to be dealt with! 


  • You certainly have been through a great deal.I am amazed that you could play golf so quickly post cystectomy.It must be keeping you fit.I’m not as fit as I was a year ago but I have more ill health now.Best wishes Jane