Tick Tock

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Morning Everyone,

A strange thing has happened to me. My bladder has turned into an alarm clock. For the past six months or so my bladder wakes up at 04.30 am. By the time I have travelled to the bathroom, had a pee, washed my hands and checked the weather I am wide awake. At this time dark thoughts and fears sometimes emerge especially if I am having treatment or due a cystoscopy. To dispel the dark thoughts I use coping strategies thinking of nice things children, family and grandchildren, golf (usually the nice straight drive- not the missed putt from 3 feet or the wedge shot into the bunker) my beloved Preston North End, holidays…… This morning from nowhere I thought about The Analogues a Beatles tribute band from the Netherlands. Not your usual mopheads but a group of serious musicians who celebrate the music of the Beatles. Check them out on You Tube performing live. Their renditions of Abbey Road or the White Album are truly wonderful. Has anyone seem them live or watched them on You Tube?

Finally has anyone else got a bladder with a built in alarm clock?



  • Morning Garviv, yes like bloomin clockwork, to the minute my bladder hits activate button exactly 2 hrs after i have fallen asleep !! Its annoying to say the least, i have an app that talks me gently back to sleep for the next 4 hrs. I think without the app the darkside would take over tbh. 

    Much love Angela x

  • Hi Garviv,When I had a bladder it was like an alarm clock.6 am without fail and I couldn’t always get back to sleep.I don’t know how I looked after mum for all those years as I’d be so tired.I was having to get up so many times in the night too.Jane x

  • Intrigued to know what the app is? Garviv

  • Hi Jane, literally the ups and downs of bladder cancer. Garviv

  • Yes and I had over 30 years of urinary misery with Interstitial cystitis before cancer.I’m definitely much better off without a bladder.Jane x

  • Hi Garviv, not  sure if i will break guidelines if i post the name of the app.
    Anyhow here goes, its called Calm and its a subscription on iphone. It teaches mindfulness and does sleep stories, breathing techniques etc . I have found it really useful, but there are many others such as headspace that i have seen recommended. I am not generally someone that recommends anything because we are all individual and what works for me … especially if it means spending on a yearly subscription. I think they do a free trial for 7 days if you were interested

    Much love Angela x

  • Thanks Angela! Garviv